Yhteiskunnallinen Yritys ja Avainlippu -merkit


The national team's online store has been granted the right to use the Social Enterprise brand as proof of the successful combination of business and social goals.

In the same context, the Finnish Labor Union awarded the National Team's online store with the Avainlippu label as proof of the service produced in Finland and providing employment.

The Social Enterprise label says that the company was founded for a social purpose and most of the profit is channeled to social good. In the case of the national team's online store, the profits are channeled to support and develop the operating environment of Finnish football and futsal.

Demonstration of the social effects of the business and the transparency of operations were also emphasized in the justifications.
The key tag in connection with the service, on the other hand, indicates that the service employs people in Finland and that the company is domestically owned.

Avainlippu is a sign of Finnish work. The primary criterion for awarding the mark is always that the service was produced in Finland. In addition, the share of Finnish costs in the cost value of the service, i.e. the degree of domesticity, must be at least 50 percent. A company applying for a Service Key Ticket must also have a significant domestic shareholding, management operating in Finland, and the company's head office must be located in Finland.

The key flag brand is very well known in Finland. According to Suomalainen Työ Liito's research, practically all business decision-makers and consumers are familiar with Avainlipu. The majority of Finns (75%) also think that Avainlippu has a positive effect on purchase decisions, and about half of Finns associate responsibility with the Avainlippu brand.


Companies that have received the The Social Enterprise label solve social or environmental problems with their business. They use most of their profits to promote their social goals.


The key label is a mark of origin issued to products manufactured in Finland and services produced in Finland. A total of about 5,000 products, product groups or services carry the key flag.


Suomalainen Työn Liitto works to ensure that the appreciation of Finnish work increases and Finnish work succeeds. Our task is to encourage people to choose a job in Finland.